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We are a specialist provider of Short Term Lending and Bridging Finance.

We exclusivley focus on specialist lending solutions for all kinds of purposes.

We deal with the public and business sector alike. Services include auction finance, bridging finance, development finance and other short-term finance requirements.

Our Company

We’re Inflow Private Finance, a privately-held, London-based short term lending company with a vast array of experience, strong capitalization, and innovative approach and a passion to help our clients.

We operate in a certain niche of the financial lending industry: We work close with other lenders, intermediaries and property professionals in both the public and business sector.

We provide bespoke lending solutions where other mainstream lenders may find too challenging, or commercially unacceptable. This is where we excel: turning challenge into opportunity and exceptional results. Seeing possibilities that others don’t.

Our highly skilled and professional team will take the time to fully understand the clients need, only then can we find the perfect solution.

Inflow Private Finance’s core business is focused on bespoke short term lending (STL). We have a dedicated team dealing with client’s short term lending requirements.

Our short term lending solutions included (but not limited to); auction finance, bridging finance, development finance, and other short term lending.

We share your goal. Like you we want to maximise possibilities by realising the fullest and optimal financial solution. This comes from knowing the market well, building relationships and being hands-on throughout the process.

There’s no substitute for experience. Inflow Private Finance has a team which is highly experienced in short term lending and beyond. This enables us to gain a perspective that others can’t.

We’re forward-thinking. We keep our finger on the pulse and stay ahead of market trends.

Our attitude is entrepreneurial. We’re geared to move quickly when opportunity arises. Our organisation is lean and hands-on, which means we’re involved in every phase of the process.

No restictive formulas. No off-the-shelf financial solutions. No arbitrary requirements. We understand that every project, deal and property is new and different. That’s why we will always take the time to gain a detailed understanding of every enquiry. It’s our speed and bespoke approach which sets apart from the competition.

Whilst every project may vary widely in purpose and personality, we can assure consistency in quality and attention to detail. That is why we have experienced people directly involved at every step to ensure our clients’ needs are beyond met.

The relationship is key. We build on a foundation of mutual trust – we dive into the details and put everything we know about the deal on the table at the start.

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