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Auction Finance

We specialise in providing fast short term auction finance, to property professionals and first-timers alike, for property auction purchases. Our Auction finance service allows the purchase of properties at auction direct to the lender, enabling the buyer to capitalise on an investment opportunity when time is of the essence.
We pride ourselves on our service, with funds always being available in time for completion often with funds being available within a 24hr or 48hr period.

Auction Finance Overview:

  • Rates from 0.75%
  • Upto 75% LTV
  • Maximum Loan £25m
  • NO Minimum Term
  • NO Exit Fees
  • NO Early Redemption Fees
  • NO Hidden Fees
  • All Geographical Locations
  • All Auction Property Considered
  • Fast Funding Availability & Instant Terms

Why Auction Finance?

Auction prices are not set in stone, and often it is the case that the pre-determined budgeted amount is not enough in order to be winning the bid requiring a need for auction finance. Or a rare unplanned for lucrative opportunity arises but there is a need for the funds in order to complete on time.
This means your finances have to be as flexible as possible to make sure you’ll be able complete the purchase. If you do not have the cash in the bank or a prearranged mortgage before the auction purchase, you will most likely be unable to complete on the purchase within the required 21 day completion period and potentially forfeit your 10% deposit.
Our Auction Finance for an auction property can extend the funds required in order to complete on the purchase within the short period of time. It gives the flexibility and time to arrange a longer term solution.

How does Auction Finance Work?

Auction Finance enables individuals to purchase auction property even if they do not have the cash in the bank. This is because the auction finance is usually secured against the property upon which funding is required, allowing in some cases a requirement of only 30% deposit. In some cases it also enables individuals to purchase auction property at 100% LTV, although this would require additional security.
Auction finance can be arranged in most cases within 5 days, and in some cases as little as 48hrs. This can provide auction purchasers additional breathing space and expand their timescale beyond the auctions 21 day completion requirement.
This auction finance strategy will enable you to go to an auction in a position equivalent to a cash buyer.

How Can We Help?

We are specialist in arranging auction finance quickly and effectively. Our specifically designed process enables to deal with auction property purchase finance easily giving you the confidence you need when bidding on your lots.
Our extensive relationships with specialist auction finance lenders enable us to secure you to the best rates.
During the auction, our experienced team will just be a phone call away to provide you with immediate terms, providing you with the comfort to bid confidently on your desired lots.
We can help you formulate an exit strategy and longer term solution if required.

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